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Custom Perfume Boxes
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The perfume bottles are traditionally packed in the containers with double layer of protection. The protection mechanism for the inner pressurized glass bottles may be different for each brand and manufacturer’s product but the basic structure is same. Every brand manufacturer adopts different approach and specifically demands the custom perfume boxes for its brand or line of products.

As per the current trend, some of the perfume manufacturers pack the perfumes of similar brand but different fragrances in one pack, normally called family pack. In such perfume box packaging, the different fragrances may be packed together in order to satisfy the likeness and choice of each family member. In other perfume box packaging, the same fragrance of the same brand is packed for the delivery to the retailers or the street corner gift shops. 

We offer the corporate customers to get the custom perfume boxes as suggested and planned by the marketing department of the concerned brand or company for the specific concerned marketing mix. For the purpose, the customer get the design prepared by their team of professional marketers and supply us the same. Now, our team of manufacturers work in close association with the marketing department of the customer and make the custom perfume boxes for the customers.

The perfume packaging boxes are designed in such a way to have box separators of partitions in them which are made with the soft ribbed cardboard. The cardboards separators keep each bottle of the perfume in the perfume packaging boxes, away from each other so that the damage due to mutual collision may be reduced.

As the perfumes occupy the central position in the cosmetics, the perfume packaging boxes are made with the very high quality, soft, light weight yet very strong cardboard. The external cardboard container many be made with strong cardboard to bear the weight of the perfume filled glass bottle. There is an inner protection of the soft and ribbed cardboard as well which is added for the protection of the inner perfume bottle, made with the delicate glass.

The images and the text are printed upon the external container of the perfumes with beautiful, sparkling and eye-catching color combinations.    

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