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Double Sided Print Boxes
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Sometimes, some of the boxes are required which might open up from both the sides. These double sided print boxes are made with lid on both the sides and can be used to insert or place something inside them from both the sides. Some of the boxes are made with lid from both the horizontal sides, typically, from up and down sides. Normally, the boxes with both horizontal sides open used to insert the creams, soap and such other things. On the other hand, the boxes to put something from upper side or the bottom side are used to put something which is horizontal in nature, such as, the hair extensions, decoration plates or something like this. Some of such double sided print boxes are used for the cakes and pizzas. Some other types are used as gift boxes.

Sometimes, the double sided paper boxes, made with the thick and strong paper are also used. Normally, the thick paper boxes with double sides are made to deliver the letter, messages or the important docs like these.

We are well-known in the United Kingdom market for the custom double sides print boxes as we the prime supplier of these custom double sided print boxes. Normally, the customers contact us for the custom double sided print boxes with their custom design. Then, our team of the expert and professional printers print them for the customers after having a close and detailed consultation with the marketing department of the customer.

For the custom double sided print boxes, the printing of the images and text is done as per the design of the customer. Normally, the customers like the sharp, shining, bright, sparkling color combinations if the boxes are to be used as gift boxes. On the other hand, if these boxes are to be used for the cakes and pizzas, the printing of the boxes are made with the real life color combinations with the images of some eatables upon them. For the beauty of the boxes and to show that boxes can be opened from both sides, the boxes are printed from both the sides. 

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If you are looking for the printing of custom packaging boxes for your business or personal use and want some unique shapes and custom made packaging then, the packaging printed by us are made right for you.

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