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Drawer Paper Boxes
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The protection of the necessary paper or other such things require special type of the boxes. As the moisture and other industrial environmental pollutants are the worst enemy of the paper or other such products, the special care is required for their protection. Some of the precious books and other documents are included in such highly protected things which need such drawer paper boxes. For the safe storage of the documents, the documents are placed in the drawer and inserted in the drawer cover for the additional safety and care.

In the offices, courts or other such places, where the main problem is to preserve the necessary legal and official documents for even the decades and so on. The drawer paper boxes present the solution to this specific problem. 

The drawer paper boxes are made like the match box in which the products are placed and then inserted in the cover for their proper safety and protection. The most important usages of such paper storage drawers are photo albums, the important court papers and so on. All these documents and the books are required to be protected for a longer period of time, such as decades and so on.

These drawer boxes are made with the hard, thick and the moisture resistant shining white, the colored or textured cardboard. These drawer storage for the papers and other documents, are made with double cardboard layers with space in between the cardboard layers. The space between the cardboard layers is given to stop the moisture and humidity from reaching the preserved paper and paper documents.

The drawer storage boxes are also popular in the court rooms, libraries or the offices of the public representatives where a large number of documents are desired to be kept safe for a longer span of time.

The printing upon the cover of the drawers is made with the CMYK basic color combination, preferably the black color. But, if the paper storage drawers are to be used for the personal documents, such as, photo or the stamp albums, the personal property documents or such other family documents, the cover filament is printed, artistically and tastefully.           

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