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Foil Paper Boxes

The protection of the paper and paper documents is a sensitive affair which required too much attention. Some of the paper documents are so important and are required to be protected for decades or even over the centuries. Moisture, humidity, the excessive heat, chill of winter, the dust, dirt, the industrial chemical fumes and even the modern day environmental pollution are the worst enemies of the paper documents. So, a special type of the foil paper boxes with the protective insert is the ideal solution for protection of the paper documents.

Foil box, made with the foil paper, are made with the metal sheet to protect the products, packed in the box. Some of the boxes are made of the aluminum foil box to protect such products which are to be protected from the chemical fumes and the environmental pollutants. Some of the sensitive cosmetic products or the drugs are packed in such boxes.

A modern trend is to pack the food products in aluminum food containers with lids. Though images and text on such aluminum foil box are printed with normal real-life color combinations, the embossing and the screen printing techniques are also applied to print the images and text upon foil box.

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