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Glitter Lid & Tray Gift Boxes
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Glitter, as a cosmetic item, is widely applied and hot popular in the youth thought out the United Kingdom. Typically, the glitter is that cosmetics item which is not widely used in general but are normally used by the teen aged girls and the women of young and middle ages when they are going to the parties. The glitter is made in different colors and is used along with the other cosmetics items. In other situations, if the glitter is sold separately, the glitter lid & tray gift boxes are popular method of the sale of the glitter.  

As the usage of the different color combinations are used with different styles of the cosmetics, the glitter is normally part of the makeup boxes, so that, women can, instantly, apply the right color, shading or combination of the glitter. But, to give wider choice of the usage of the glitter, the glitter lid and tray gift boxes are separately sold as hot part of gift items.       

The glitter gift boxes are either sold as the family pack, as part of the makeup box or as a gift item. For all the purposes, the glitter gift boxes are either made with beautifully designed cardboard boxes or are made with clear and transparent polypropylene plastic. In both the cases, the very fine cardboard or the polypropylene plastic material is used to make the glitter boxes more and more beautiful and attracting to the young age girl target market.

As the decorative gift boxes, like most of the other cosmetic products, are sold over the counter after checking the shades and examining the color combinations, the lid of the boxes are necessarily made with crystal clear and transparent see through plastic lid. In the box, the different color and shade combinations are available in the tray, which is placed in the glitter gift box.

The gold glitter gift box, used as a gift product, is made by using the gold foil as metallic sheet to give touch of extra high cost and luxury gift items impressions. To bring the gold glitter gift box products in the ordinary purchasers range, the thing Vinyl sheath with gold, silver or the other metallic colors, is used to make such cardboard boxes. For the manufacturing of the plastic glitter box, the gold or silver color polypropylene plastic is used for the purpose.                

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