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Perfume Packaging Boxes
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A cosmetic products which is used by almost all the people of modern era is perfume. The perfumes of all the qualities and fragrance are sold and applied extensively, globally by women men and even some of the children. Due to the very delicate and sensitive nature and chemical composition, the perfume packaging boxes are made with exceptional care and delicacy. The perfume is normally packed in a perfume box which made with the very strong but light weighted cardboard which has a double-layered protection mechanism to save the perfumes from the heat, the light and the other environmental pollutants.

The inner layer of the perfume box packaging is made with the ribbed cardboard to work as the shock absorbent for the glass bottle of perfumes in case the perfume is fallen on the hard floor. The inner ribbed cardboard filler is also works to protect the perfumes from the external heat as the heat may evaporate the perfume.

The double-layered Perfume packaging design is made with the sole purpose to protect the perfume from the evaporation due to external heat and to protect the sudden jerk which may break the perfume bottle. The perfume box is artistically and tastefully printed with glowing, sharp, dense and the eye-catching color combination which are unique in sense. The very fine and the delicate cardboard, which is plain, colored, white, textured or the beautifully designed, is applied to make the external box side. The printing of the images and text upon the perfume boxes are made with the exceptionally related color combinations. If the perfumes are made and packed for the women target market, the sharp and the dense color combination is applied. On the other hand, if the perfumes are for the men’s target market, the CMYK color combination is applied for the printing. Embossing and the stamping printing techniques are widely and necessarily applied.

The text upon the perfumes are printed, differently for perfumes for the women and the gents’ target market and it is mentioned upon the labels that this perfume is targeted for which market. The manufacturing and the expiry dates are also mentioned, prominently, upon the perfume packaging boxes.           

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