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Slide / Drawer Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

The slide / Drawer cosmetic packaging boxes are a popular type of the cosmetic boxes which are made with a special purpose of safe protection of the high priced and high-quality cosmetic products. These are called the slide/drawer boxes as these are made to work like the drawers of the tables. They work like the slider where the set of the cosmetics are stored and decorated in the drawer. The typical example of the slide/drawer cosmetic packaging boxes is safety matches.
There are many types of the cosmetic products which need to be protected and stored in the small drawer like boxes. Such cosmetic is made in the shape of the solid tablets or the hard semi-solid tablets. The typical example is the eyeliners, eye shades or the blush on which are made as solid tablets and are pasted on the slide or inside the drawer. You may get the drawer out of the sleeves and apply the specific piece of the cosmetics and push the drawer back inside the sleeve.
There are countless designs of the slide or the drawers but almost all are made of the very hard yet lightweight drawer box, made with the high quality white or colored cardboard. But, a new trend is to make the slide/drawer box with the beautifully colored polypropylene plastic sheath. As all the cosmetic products are sold over the counter after seeing and examining the cosmetics, the front side of the sleeve is made with the top side of the sleeve with crystal clear and transparent UV polypropylene plastic sheath.

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