Wax Strips Cardboard Display Trays
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Wax Strips Cardboard Display Trays
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Some wax strips users like the trays for display of the wax strips. These wax trays may be made with the cardboard or the white, colored or the clear & transparent UV PVC plastic sheath. These trays are placed at the open place so that the wax strips may be used, conveniently. These wax strips cardboard display trays are made with the design and the size to be inserted or placed in the cardboard boxes.

As the wax strips may be melted with a little increase in the temperature while in the cardboard boxes, these display trays are used to place them outside the box. In some other situations, if the wax strips are kept in the cardboard for a longer duration of time, the wax strips may be melted and may not be withdrawn out of the box. In this situation, if the wax strips are placed in cardboard or the PVC trays, whole the tray may be drawn from the box, comfortably.

The cardboard packaging is a typical storage and selling mechanism for the wax strips. These boxes are typically made with the display panel, which is either made as the window lid or display panel, made with the crystal clear and the transparent UV Vinyl plastic sheath. These boxes are either made as the sleeve and slide style or with the flip lid.

We enjoy the well-known UK wide reputation as the wax strips cardboard display trays supplier. These wax strips trays and boxes are made with the white or colored cardboard which is plain, decorated, textured or beautifully designed. Some of the cardboard packaging boxes are made with the box of wax strip separator in the boxes to keep the wax strips separate from each other while in the wax melting temperature. 

The brand promoters may demand the printing of the cardboard box and the cardboard trays, printed tastefully. The images and the text upon these cardboard boxes and trays are printed with the sharp, beautiful, shining, the glowing, the sparking and the eye-catching color combinations which are best for the women target market. The embossing and the debossing printing techniques are also applied, widely and globally.

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